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Let’s Talk Autism is a specialist speech and language therapy service covering Northamptonshire dedicated to enhancing the communication and interaction skills of children on the autism spectrum and those with complex communication and learning differences. We provide assessment and treatment of a variety of communication differences, including dyspraxia, developmental language disorder and autism. We also offer courses and workshops to schools, centres and families to help everyone better understand the communication of our very special children and young people.

Lets Talk Autism
Lets Talk Autism

I qualified as a speech & language therapist in 2006 and completed a masters in education specifically for autism in 2018. My masters research was completed using video modelling as a tool for teaching imitation skills and Let’s Talk utilise technology within therapy sessions. We feel that it is vital to keep up with changes in technology and child development but also to ensure there is a balance between screen-time and face-time! I have over twelve years experience working both in the UK and internationally with children and young adults in community, educational, residential and medical settings. I am also the older sibling of a young man with severe learning difficulties, visual impairment and self injurious behaviour. I feel it is vital for me to draw upon this lifelong experience of growing up with special educational needs when I am working with children, young people and their families.

Let's Talk Autism | Northamptonshire Speech and Language Therapist

Support for Children
and Young Adults

Let's Talk Autism | Northamptonshire Speech and Language Therapist

Ensure Positive

Let's Talk Autism | Northamptonshire Speech and Language Therapist

Timely Access

Our aim is to provide tailored programmes of support for children and young adults following a comprehensive assessment of their strengths and differences. We value a total communication approach and believe in teaching functional skills that will scaffold learning across lifelong development. We are trained in many approaches including as SCERTS, PECS, Makaton, Hanen, ELKLAN and Solution Focused Therapy. We also use naturalistic treatment approaches and can deliver reiki as part of your therapy programme.

Our goal is to ensure positive communication. This also means establishing clear lines of communication with others who work with and interact with your child. We will ensure regular review of your programme and feedback after sessions to consider the outcomes and ensure that we continue to meet your child’s needs in the best possible way.

Our goal is to ensure timely access to support from an appropriately skilled clinician. We therefore work in partnership with local authorities, schools, families and other professionals to ensure that we provide the most appropriate programme.

Autism Values

Let’s Talk have established links with a Northamptonshire based Clinical Psychologist to provide assessment and joint intervention where appropriate for children and young adults with suspected social communication differences or learning needs. You can learn more about this service by visiting or by visiting our SERVICES page.