2020: A Year of 2’s

I know reflection occurs for most in December but working with schools switches my reflection time to July and so here it is!

Hendrix and I have got to the end of another very busy year and as of August 1st we will officially be two years old! 2020 has been a year of the twos for us. Hendrix turned two in March, he moved in with me two years ago in July, and now Let’s Talk Autism turns two next month!

I’ve always had an interest in numbers and their meaning so I decided to look at what two means to us as a company and as a duo. After all, good things are said to come in pairs!

This is what I found out….

“Two is a lucky number in the east and signifies partnership. It is the number of balance but also of conflict and division…”

Fascinating! This second year of business and partnership with Hendrix has seen us grow from strength to strength. We understand each other better, read each other’s non verbal communication more accurately and ultimately we have found our rhythm when working with clients together.

Unfortunately due to the decision by the Government to prevent face to face contact and normal operations, Hendrix and I haven’t seen as many clients as we would have liked this year.

We were fortunate enough to return to one of our clients this last week or so and revisit where we left off. Hendrix recently hurt his shoulder and so our usual ball throwing and high intensity session had to change focus to something a little calmer and more sedate. I was uncertain how this would go for the client as he too had not been able to get out and about much with COVID and it’s restrictions.

I need not have worried.

We may have eaten a whole bag of treats, (causing me to be conflicted about food intake vs engagement), but ultimately Hendrix responded well and our client took the lead from him, after a little explanation from me.

I observed my client show his best listening skills. He asked about the shoulder injury, what had happened, when, why and what it means for the future. He enquired about how Hendrix feels not being allowed out to play like him. We had a great discussion about COVID and it’s impact without ever mentioning it or making it an issue!

Our clients mum reported that even with the loosening of restrictions that our client had not been very interested or comfortable in getting out but Hendrix there was motivating enough and off we set for a short and gentle stroll around the village. Unfortunately the walk was a bit too much for Hendrix and so I had to take the lead back. I worried a little this would upset our session but it didn’t and everyone got back to the house happy and ready for a nice cool drink, all served by our client of course!

So all in all I agree with the symbolism of the number two as balance. We have found that balance this year both together at home and in supporting our clients.

Ok so the flip side of the number two…conflict….

Well, we had to work incredibly hard to adapt to changes beyond our control this year. Something we have all faced in fact during this time. We faced conflict changing outcomes of therapy to focus on engagement, sustaining routine and balancing emotions over linguistic and social progression. We faced new challenges in measuring progress through the online therapy platform. We faced conflict in needing to spend more time planning whilst working harder than ever in our sessions, due to the new medium of presenting online.

Despite all of this, 2020 and two years of operation have seen significant changes for us as a company and as a partnership.

We look forward to a new team member joining us in September, we have new contracts, Hendrix has made new friends and I have all sorts of amazing projects lined up for year three of business!

So as I reflect on my second year with Hendrix, my second year of business and my unusual 2020, I take this moment to thank each and everyone of our clients who have made this year possible.

Thank you for all your support, kindness and friendship from Hendrix and Hayley! xx

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