Let’s Talk Assessment & Therapy Services

Multi-Disciplinary Assessment of Social
Communication and Learning

Let’s Talk are able to provide comprehensive assessment of social communication and learning in partnership with Dr Kate Baldry at her clinic in Northampton. Let’s Talk are certified to use the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) 2 as part of the assessment process. Assessment is tailor-made to meet the individual requirements of the client and complies with NICE guidelines for assessment of autism spectrum disorders.

Assessment can involve the following processes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Speech, Language and Communication assessment
  • Assessment of cognition and learning
  • Observations at home/school/college
  • Parental and carer interview
  • Clinic observations
  • Liaison with other professionals involved with the client

Assessment and Therapy

Let’s Talk start with an individual assessment of strengths and needs. We offer speech, language and communication screening or full assessment for Educational and Health Care Plans (EHCP). We can offer assessment at home, in school or at clinic. Let’s Talk specialise in assessment of children with complex communication and learning differences as well as more generalised speech and language needs.
Therapy objectives are agreed following the assessment process and a report and plan will be provided to you as part of the assessment process. Should you wish to continue with therapy services, these can be delivered at home, educational placement or in clinic.
We aim to provide one to one therapy sessions to ensure we meet your child’s needs. At times, we may offer you small group services as these can be highly effective in supporting children to generalise skills they have learnt in therapy sessions. We uphold all aspects of client confidentiality and will only make changes to therapy sessions with your consent and understanding of the rationale for this.


Let’s Talk are proud to provide daily rates to schools, nurseries and colleges to support speech, language and communication development of the students and professional development needs of the staff. We provide both Speech and Language days and Autism Consultancy services and can tailor the service to the individual requirements of the educational setting.

For further information regarding cost or to discuss your options, please don’t hesitate to contact us at hayley@talkautism.co.uk or drop us a message
Assessment & Therapy Services
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