Let’s Talk Autism Values

A: autonomy

We value supporting those with complex communication differences, learning needs and autism in becoming autonomous individuals. We value working closely with families, therapists, teachers and careers to ensure our clients develop skills for independence.

U: understanding

We value taking time to fully understand the strengths and needs of your child. We draw on a wide variety of formal and informal assessment measures including SCERTS to ensure we correctly profile where your child currently is in their development and then set realistic expectations to support growth.

T: therapeutic

We believe in a holistic approach to therapy planning and delivery. We draw on evidence based approaches and most importantly use intuitive practice to guide our therapy sessions with you and your child.

I: individualised

We strongly feel that all of our children are individuals with their own strengths, preferences and differences. We value one to one sessions with you and your child and try to develop a programme which is tailored to their individual profile.

S: supportive

We are here to answer your questions, provide activities and techniques that fit into your routines and are committed to ensuring you and your child receive the best support in a timely fashion. Access to our service is via open referral and we can offer initial consultations quickly to ensure you access the support you need at the time that you need it.

M: motivational

We understand the importance of finding what motivates your child to communicate. We utilise a variety of attention grabbing approaches and ensure that your child gains the most from each and every interaction they have. We have extensive experience in working closely with teaching staff to consider how to make the curriculum more motivational for children with complex communication needs and learning differences. We firmly believe in using sensory preferences to encourage engagement with others in our sessions.

“Hayley has been working at school for 6 months. As a result of her support and training staff have developed their awareness of identifying and supporting children with language and communication difficulties in the classroom. Wider, whole-school practice has been developed to support children and outcomes from Hayley’s work have shown significant progression. I would highly recommend Hayley’s services as she is knowledgeable, passionate and committed to ensuring the highest outcomes for children.” Grange Primary Academy