Let’s Talk Therapy Programme Resources

Thinking Cards:

These cards should be printed and laminated where possible. They are great for developing imaginative language, critical thinking and problem solving skills and a fantastic starter or end game to homework, therapy programmes or as a quick brain teaser after dinner! You select a card, read it and think about your answer before sharing it. The game is best played as a group so you can decide on who had the best answer. the winner gets one point and at the end of the game, the one with the most points gets out of washing the dishes!

Let's Talk Autism | Northamptonshire Speech and Language Therapist
Let's Talk Autism | Northamptonshire Speech and Language Therapist
Therapy programme resources

Social stories:

Social stories were devised by Carole Gray and are a great way to help your child understand the unwritten rules of social situations. Here’s a free story about sitting and listening on the carpet. Read through with your child every day and just before they have to sit for carpet time to help them really understand why they have to do something.

Lets Talk Autism

Free Advice Sheets:

If you are worried about speech and language development and want some strategies to help, please download the following parent advice sheets to use at home. We have free advice sheets for:

Lets Talk Autism | Attention and listening
Lets Talk Autism | Understanding
Lets Talk Autism | Vocabulary development
Lets Talk Autism | Speech sounds