Earth Rock Presents Let’s Talk Autism South Africa!

A little while ago, Hendrix, Summer, and I moved ourselves to South Africa. We bought a small holding with 12.5 hectares with the dream of creating Earth Rock Village. The aim is to create a healing village, where you can come and complete longer-term assessments of need, learn strategies, grow, and connect to yourself and your child. Talk Autism are working in partnership with a quantum healer and her partner who is a self-taught chef. All three of us were significantly impacted by the events of the last three years. We have all shared a vision to help people to help themselves for as long as we can remember. That vision became reality in November 2022, when we moved into our small holding in Nelspruit, South Africa.

To date we have been busy clearing the land, tidying up, and generally acclimating to our new home. Hendrix and Summer are loving life, they have so much space to run around. Summer has developed a love of frogs, and Hendrix a phobia of moths attracted to lights at night-time. Boy, can they screech! I’ve still been working within the UK, more in a consultancy capacity and this is going well. Remote working has been a blessing for me for sure, and services continue in this way, with incredibly positive feedback from our clients.

In time we aim to create workshops, a cafe, a campsite, luxury accommodation for our overseas visitors who need to stay for longer time periods, and ultimately for Talk Autism, we wish to create a learning space, catering for children and young people who need an alternative approach to teaching and learning. In my free time, I am busy researching curriculum approaches and developing my own scheme for learning. At the heart of this is communication, life skills, and self-esteem. A place where all children can learn in the way that is best for them. A place where children can flourish, feel confident, and happy in their interests and passions. A place where no child is left behind. Our vision is a big one for sure, but we will get there. Our energy and drive for this is high!

Unfortunately, we have hit a snag. We have been mis-led about the property and we need to raise some funds for a water supply in order to progress forward with the education and healing centres. A wonderful friend has created a go fund me page for us, and I would be so grateful to our clients and friends if they could share this, spread the word of our vision, and help where and if they can. Earth Rock is a place to welcome everyone, a place to teach acceptance, and a place for the heart. If you can help in ANY way, please find more information by visiting the go fund me page at

Our Learning Centre site

Alternative Practice Learning Centre at Earth Rock by Talk Autism

Our beautiful entryway to the site of Earth Rock

One of our many surrounding rocks that gave our village it’s name!

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